"The trainer was very clear, calm and knowledgeable. She was very perceptive, and open to changes of direction and input when required"

"As a result of the course, I have a better understanding and connection with the people I work with. I have a clearer awareness of my physical working environment, and how I use my body in it."

"Your course has given us the opportunity to improve several areas of our working environment, both individually, and as a team."

"I have found this course very useful and practical. I have developed awareness of how my use of workspace can add or reduce my stress. I used to adapt to my environment rather than vice versa and was uncomfortable as a result."
W.Tahir, Mosscare Housing Association

"I've been working with Sue for a year now and she's taught me a huge amount about myself and my body. I now have a much greater appreciation of how I work and techniques to manage my own stress levels. But also she has taught me why the how in communication is as important as the what. These are all the sort of things that management courses should teach you but don't...."
Dr Peter Clarke, Business Entrepreneur.