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bodysense@work ltd - In co-operation with organisations to promote employee health and wellbeing.

Picture of Sue Hampton Director of bodysense@work ltd

Sue Hampton - Director of bodysense@work ltd

Sue is an Organisational Health Promotion Trainer and Stress Awareness and Fitness Coach.  She produces training packages for organisations and trainee Psychotherapists. She is also a Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor specialising in Body Focused Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis.

'If we have a good relationship with ourselves we are much more likely to relate well to others.  Our body aware adult self is a great asset. In this state, we can notice the impact of our actions and take responsibility for our lives.  We have the choice to develop our own philosophy for living.  Freedom of choice is the greatest gift we have and yet it takes a considerable effort to use this gift well.  So we might as well have fun whilst learning to do this.' SH


BSc Honours (Biochemistry and Soil Science)

MSc Transactional Analysis

Remedial Massage Therapist

Body Centred Psychotherapist

Certified Transactional Analyst

Provisional Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

Level 2 Certificate in Firness Instructing (QCF) - Group Exercise to Music

Carol Atherton-Hoy - massage therapiest
Carol Atherton-Hoy -  Massage Therapist & Fitness Coach

Massage needs to be part of all our lives.
Carol is a keen advocate of health and fitness, and believes that massage can play a huge part in our healthcare regimen.

'It is well known that regular massage treatments are beneficial for pain-relief, stress-relief, and general well-being.  Office workers are particularly susceptible to stress and repetitive strain injury (RSI).' CA-H

As an associate of bodysense@work ltd, Carol Atherton-Hoy assists Sue during her in-house stress awareness training days, as well as offering on-site chair massage sessions.