Working with stress awareness

Working With Stress Awareness Training

Poor workplace design and awkward posture can cause damage to muscles and joints. Work stress can lead to fatigue, aches and pains and a general sense of discomfort. People who become aware of how they do things are able to change old habits. The risk of pain, injury and fatigue is reduced. Health and well-being increases.

In this 6-hour course participants will learn with group members self-observation and practical skills to support a healthy working practice.

By the end of this on-site course participants will:

  • Understand how to prevent injury by working effectively with posture and their office equipment.
  • Learn how to use their working environment efficiently.
  • Be aware of stress management techniques and how to use them to
    prevent stress at work.
  • Have a shared problem-solving experience with colleagues. This promotes
    team building.

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"I have found this course very useful and practical. I have developed awareness of how my use of workspace can add or reduce my stress. I used to adapt to my environment rather than vice versa and was uncomfortable as a result."

W.Tahir, Mosscare Housing Association