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Welcome to bodysense@work limited.

We work on the premise that one of the best ways for us to change is to develop our body awareness, that is, to reconnect with our physical, sensing selves and to relearn how to move freely.

A bit of History....

We are sisters, Sue Hampton and Carol Atherton-Hoy, who were born and brought up in Singapore; a diverse, culturally rich environment with a hot and humid climate throughout the year.

We spent much of our childhood enjoying the freedom of playing barefoot outdoors and engaging in many different activities including climbing trees, swimming in the tropical sea and riding horses cross-country through the jungle. We also developed a love for expressive movement and traditional clothing and experimented with different forms of dance, ranging from the stylised movements in Chinese Opera to Traditional Malay and Indian dance.

Through these experiences, we learned to enjoy our physical selves and to trust our innate 'bodysense' to support who we are, how we communicate and how we engage with the world.

As adults we now appreciate how these early experiences have enabled us to be creative in the way we help people reduce stress and improve fitness.

Psychotherapy, Training and Supervision

Sue Hampton

Sue HamptonI specialise in Body Focused Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis.  I practice as an Individual and Group Psychotherapist as well as Trainer and Supervisior in these two disciplines.

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Massage Therapy

Carol Atherton-Hoy

I am an experienced massage therapist and fitness coach.

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Carol Atherton-Hoy


bodysense@work ltd specialises in the following services and courses:

Organisational Training:
Psychotherapy - Sue Hampton:
Training and supervisioin for psychotherapists - Sue Hampton:
Health and Fitness:


Organisational Stress Awarenss Training

We provide effective, well-established courses for organisations to help employees prevent workplace stress and injury.

Fitness Coaching and Workshops

Suitable for both the private sector and organisational settings.

Experience our unique approach to fitness where we help you enjoy exercising through the use of expressive movement and dance.

You can experience this through:

  • One to one coaching
  • Small group sessions
  • On one of our Freedom in Movement workshops

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